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COUNTER CLERK Hallo, what can I do for you?
In Konkani Hallo, hanv tuji kosli seva korum?
CUSTOMER I would like to exchange some British Pounds / U.S. dollars.
In Konkani Hanv thode British pounds, American Dollar vattaunk sodhtam.
COUNTER CLERK Kindly go upstairs to the Foreign Exchange counter.
In Konkani Tumi malier videshi dudu vataunchea zonelar vochat.
CUSTOMER (at the Exchange counter) Excuse me, what is the US exchange rate for British Pounds / U. S. dollars?
In Konkani (Zonelacher) British pound / American dollars hanch vattau kitlo assa?
COUNTER CLERK 67 Indian rupees for a pound and 45 Indian rupees for a dollar.
In Konkani Eka poundak sadususht Indian rupia ani
eka dolorak panche challis rupia.
CUSTOMER Can I also exchange Traveller's Cheques?
In Konkani Mhojean thodeo travellers cheques vattaum eta?
COUNTER CLERK Yes, of course. Do you have your passport with you?
In Konkani Hoi tor ! Tuji passport tuje code assa?
CUSTOMER Yes, but first I would like to exchange 100 British Pounds.
In Konkani Hoi, pun poile mhaka shembor pounds bodlunk zai.
COUNTER CLERK Well, here is your money. Please count before you leave.
In Konkani Ghe tuje dudu. Matshe mezun poloi.
CUSTOMER Could I change the Rs. 500/- into ten rupee notes?
In Konkani Mhaka paimshim rupiancheo dha-dhanchio notti melot?
COUNTER CLERK Not here. Please approach any of the cashiers on the ground floor.
In Konkani Hangasor nhoim. Sokoilea salant khuinchea eka zonelar voch.

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