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Good Day! Can you make up this prescription?
In Konkani Namaskar, mhaka hea receta voilim vokhtam dishi?
CHEMIST Yes, I have all the drugs prescribed except the one at number four. It is not available; in fact it is out of stock.
In Konkani Hoi, mhoje lagim soglim vokhtam assat pun number char nam. Tem vokhot sodhyak kuinch melonam.
CUSTOMER Doesn't matter! What about giving me another drug with the same formula?
In Konkani Kaim nozo! Mhaka tachea bodlak dusrem dishi?
CHEMIST Sorry, I can't sell any drug without a doctor's
In Konkani Maf kor!, Mhojean dotorachem recet aslea
bogor koslench vokhot vikunk zaina.
CUSTOMER Then what can I do? I can meet my doctor only at 6 P.M. and now it is 10 AM.
In Konkani Toshem zalear, hanv kitem korum? Mhozo dotor amkam fokoth sanjechia panch vorancheruch melta, ani atam sokalchim dha vazleant.
CHEMIST If I were you, I would ring up the Doctor and request for an alternative. You may use my telephone.
In Konkani Hanv tor tujea zaguear aslom, Dotorak phone korun dusrem vokhot magtolom aslom Mhozo telephone tujean vaprunk zata.
CUSTOMER Yes, that's a good idea! Thank you very much. I'll call him right away.
In Konkani Va! tuji suchouni manavli. Tuka chod dev borem korum. Hanv täkã atanch phone kortam.
CUSTOMER My doctor tells me to try at another chemist.
In Konkani Mhozo dotor sangta mhaka dusre farmacint polloi mun.
CHEMIST There is another chemist down the road. You may get it there.
In Konkani Fudlea rostear anink ek farmas assa. Thuim tuka goddie melot.

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