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Conversation A
PATIENT Good evening, doctor.
In Konkani Dev bori sanz dium, dotor
DOCTOR Good evening sir, what's your trouble?
In Konkani Dev bori sanz dium, tuka kitem zata?
PATIENT I haven't been feeling well lately
In Konkani Maka hea dissani jivak borem disonam.
DOCTOR What exactly is the problem?
In Konkani Tuka khoreponni kitem zata?
PATIENT I don't feel well. I have had a pain in my stomach for several days. Now, I also have a headache
In Konkani Mhojea jivak borem dissonam. Khup diss zale mhojea pottant dukta. Atam mhoji tokliy foddta.
DOCTOR What's your appetite like?
In Konkani Tujea tondak ruch assa?
PATIENT Not at all good. I don't feel like eating any thing. I feel full all the time.
In Konkani Matui nam. Mhaka kainch khaunk dissonam. Mhojem pott bhorlelench assa koshem dista.
DOCTOR Do you have fever?
In Konkani Tuka zhor assa?
PATIENT Well, I feel feverish.
In Konkani Khorem munlear, mhaka tap aila so dista.
DOCTOR All right, let me take your temperature first.
Take off your sweater. Also your shirt. Lie down on the couch. Do you feel any pain here?
In Konkani

Borem, tuzo zhor pollovia poilo. Tujem sweater kad ani komisui kad. Khatir aad pod. Hanga dukta?

PATIENT Yes, a bit.
In Konkani Hoi matshem
DOCTOR And here?
In Konkani Ani hanga?


Oh, very painful
In Konkani Oh, bhorench dukta


All right! Get dressed.
In Konkani Borem tor! Kopde ghal.
PATIENT I hope there's nothing serious doctor?
In Konkani Dotor, mhaka kaim khas doens nam mum?
DOCTOR Oh no, don't worry! I' am prescribing two kinds of tablets. Take one after lunch and one after dinner. Don't eat any spicy or oily food. Take some rest. See me after 3 days.
In Konkani Kaim nam, bhienaka. Hanv tuk don toricheo gullio ditam. Ek donparam jeuvna uprant ghe ani dusri ratchea jeuvna uprant. Tiksannicheo ani telcot vostu khainaka. Tin disanim heo.
PATIENT Thank you very much, doctor. How much do I pay you?
In Konkani Dev borem korum, dotor. Dotor, mhoje kitle
poishe zatat?
DOCTOR Please pay the receptionist outside.
In Konkani Bair receptionista laguim poishe di.
PATIENT Here's a five hundred rupee note. Please take your amount
In Konkani He polle panchshem rupia assat. Tuje poishe
RECEPTIONIST You have to pay Rs. 200/-. Here's your change. Thank you.
  Tunvem donshem rupia diunkzai He assat
tuje urlele poishe. Deu borem korum

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