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MECHANIC I have checked your scooter, sir. It is the carburetor. Everything else is fine. The battery is fully charged.
In Konkani Tuji scooter hanvem sarki check kelea, saib. Soglem Carburetterak lagun. Baki soglem sarkhem assa.
TOURIST So, what wilt you have to do?
In Konkani Toshem zalear, kitem korchem podtelem?
MECHANIC The Carburetor has to be cleaned up.
In Konkani Carburettor nitol korunk zai.
TOURIST How long will it take?
In Konkani Kitlo vogoth lagtolo?
MECHANIC At least one hour, sir.
In Konkani Ek vor tori zai, saib.
TOURIST What will be your charges?
In Konkani Tuje charges kitle?
MECHANIC Only 100 rupees, sir.
In Konkani Fokht shembor rupia, saib.
TOURIST A 100 rupees only for cleaning the carburetor! This is too much!
In Konkani Shembor rupia carburettor nitol korunk!
Ekdom chod!
MECHANIC No sir, the parts around the carburetor have to be cleaned up. Then the
carburetor has to be adjusted. Two of my mechanics will be working on it.
In Konkani Nam saib!. Carburetora kushiche sande nitol korunk zai. Maguir carburettor adjust korunk zai. Mhoje dhog bhurgue hea kamant urtele.
TOURIST Ok then, I will come in an hour.
In Konkani Borem tor, hanv eka voran etam.
MECHANIC Wait a minute, sir. I think you will also need a new sparks plug
In Konkani Ek minute ray, saib. Mhaka dista tuvem ek novo 'sparks plug' hadlear boro.
TOURIST Where do I get it?
In Konkani Mhaka khuim meltolo?
MECHANIC Try at one of the spare parts shops behind the Municipal garden.
In Konkani Municipality jardinachea fattleant khuinchea-i eka spare parts dukonar poloi.


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