Learn Konkani

Conversation A


Good morning, have you any room vacant?
In Konkani Dev boro dis dium. Khali room assa?
RECEPTIONIST Yes, sir, double or single?
In Konkani Hoi saib, Tuka double ki single zai?
TOURIST I would like a single / double room.
In Konkani Mhaka single / double room zai
RECEPTIONIST I have a single/double room on the second floor.
In Konkani Tuka ek single/double room dusrye malyer melunk shekta.
TOURIST But, I would like it on the first floor.
In Konkani Pun mhaka poile malyer zai
RECEPTIONIST I will see. Do you want a room with a western toilet or Indian toilet
In Konkani Polletam. Tuka western sundas aslolo zai vo Indian sundas?
TOURIST A western toilet, please. What is the tariff
In Konkani Western sundas upkar korun. Kitle poishe podtelet
RECEPTIONIST Seven hundred and fifty rupees
In Konkani Satshem ponnas rupia.
TOURIST Can I pay in dollars / pounds?
In Konkani Mhojean pounds vo dollarani farik korunk zata?
RECEPTIONIST Of course, we also accept credit cards
In Konkani Bore bashen, ami credit cards passun ghetaum.

Conversation B
TOURIST I think I have a reservation in this hotel
In Konkani Mhojem hea hottelant reservation assa
RECEPTIONIST May I know your name, please?
In Konkani Mhaka tujem nanv sangshi?.
TOURIST I am William Smith from London.
In Konkani Hany William Smith, Londoncho.
RECEPTIONIST Yes sir, you're in room no. 341 on the third floor.
In Konkani Hoi saib, tuzo room tinshe eke chalis, tisre


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