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TRAVELLER Hello, can I get two berths for Mumbai?
In Konkani Hallo, mhaka don berths Mumbai vochunk melot?
RAILWAY CLERK When do you wish to travel and by what class?
In Konkani Tum kedna vochunk sodhtai ani khuinchea vorgant?
TRAVELLER On 16th January. I would like two berths by second class sleeper AC.
In Konkani Janerache sovlaver.Mhaka don berth
sleeper vorgant A. C. zai.
RAILWAY CLERK Just a minute. Let me see the reservation chart on the computer. Sorry, you can get only one berth, sir.
In Konkani Matso rao. Hanv Reservation Chart Computeracher poletam. Nam, tuka ekuch berth melta, saib.
TRAVELLER But I want two, for my wife and me.
In Konkani Pun, mhaka zai don. Ek mhoje ghorkannink ani ek mhaka.
RAILWAY CLERK Then you will have to travel by II class Non A.C.
In Konkani Toshem zallear tuvem dusrea vorgant NON-AC-int vechem podtelem.
TRAVELLER How much will it cost me?
In Konkani Mhaka kitle podtele?
RAILWAY CLERK It will be Rs. 1,500/- per head.
In Konkani Ded ozar eka munsheak.
TRAVELLER Well, then, please reserve two tickets for me for the 16th. What is the departure time?
In Konkani Borem tor, upkar korun don berths reservation kor sovla tarkek. Rail gaddi kitlea vorancher sudta?
RAILWAY CLERK Here are your tickets, sir. The departure time is 5 p.m.
In Konkani Heo tujeo ticketti, saib.Gaddi sudta
sanjechea panch vorancher.

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