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Conversation A
WAITER What will you have, sir?
In Konkani Kitem hadum, saib?
CUSTOMER May I have a menu, please?
In Konkani Mhaka menu dakoishi?
WAITER Here you are, sir.
In Konkani Ho ghe saib.
CUSTOMER Can I have a beer? Let me look over the menu.
In Konkani Mhaka ek beer hadshi ? Hanv matso menu poloitam.


Here's your beer, sir?
In Konkani Hi assa tuji beer, saib.
CUSTOMER Can I have some stuffed fish - pomfret or mackerel?
In Konkani Mhaka recheado nistem zai - pomplet vo bangdo hadshi?


I can give you stuffed pomfret, sir.
In Konkani Mhojean tuka pomplet recheado hadunk zata, saib.
CUSTOMER Very well, do you have massala prawns? I hope they are not too pungent?
In Konkani Borem assa, tuje code massala prawns melot? chod tik assonk zaina.
WAITER Of course, I can sir, they are ready. They are not too pungent.
In Konkani Hadunk zata saib, toyar assat. chod tik nam.
CUSTOMER Get me some green salad also.
In Konkani Mhaka thodem salad had.
WAITER Anything else.
In Konkani Anik kitem zai?
CUSTOMER Two chicken cafreal and chips for my children.And some custard / ice-cream.
In Konkani Don chicken cafreal ani chips bhurgeank. Ani thodem custard / ice-cream.
CUSTOMER Can you also bring me 2 bottles of mineral water?
In Konkani Mhaka don mineral udkacheo battleo hadshi?
WAITER I will get you 2 chilled bottles.
In Konkani Hanv tuka don thondgar battleo hadtam.

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