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CUSTOMER Can I have some tea?
In Konkani Mhaka ek cha hadshi?
WAITER Yes, in a minute.
In Konkani Hoi, matshe, ravat'
CUSTOMER I want it strong with less milk and no sugar.
In Konkani Mhaka matshi kodak zai, dudh ani sakor thoddi.
WAITER Then I will get you special tea.
In Konkani Toshem zalear hanv tuka special cha hadtam.
CUSTOMER Thank you, can I also have some wadas or a masala dosa?
In Konkani Dev borem korum, mhaka wada ani
massala dosa hadshi?
WAITER O.K. sir.
In Konkani Hadtam, saib.
CUSTOMER And for my friend, some lemon tea and bhajas. Can you also bring me a packet of cigarettes?
In Konkani Ani mhojea ishtak, lemon cha ani bhojim.
Mhaka ek cigrettichem pakit hadshi?
WAITER Sorry sir, we don't sell cigarettes here.
Besides, this is a "No Smoking" area. I will bring you the tea, sir.
In Konkani Maf korat, saib. Ami hanga cigaretti vikina. Tea bhair, he suater cigarette vodunk mania assa.
CUSTOMER I prefer strong tea.
In Konkani Mhaka koddok cha bori lagta.
WAITER I understand, Sir.
In Konkani Hanv somzolom, Saib.
CUSTOMER I also would like the bhajas hot.
In Konkani Mhaka bhojim gorom zai.
WAITER Sir, I will serve you straight from the pan.
In Konkani Saib, Hanv tumkam kailinthlinch hadtam.


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