Old Goa - Today

There was a chapel in the compound of the Collegio de S. Paulo, o Veiho, where according to tradition, St. Francis used to say Mass. At the left of the Chapel is a well where it is said that the Saint washed his feet; on the right side there was another well whose water the Saint drank. Today it is no longer there.

According to tradition, this was the place where St. Francis said Satis est Domine, satis (its enough Lord, enough), when he was being consoled with celestial visions. It was here that he spent the nights praying. Some say that he built the Chapel; others say that it was built in his honour after his death. According to Francisco de Souza, the author of Oriente Con quistado there were two Chapels in the compound of the College namely of S. Antonio & S. Jeronimo. The present one must be one of them. It was repaired in 1859 and later in 1884. There were many paintings depicting the life of the Saint on the walls.

There is a tradition that the Saint planted some trees in the compound of the College and one jackfruit tree was planted near the Chapel. The images carved out of the wood of this Jackfruit tree were held in great veneration. In the Church of Sta. Rita of Mama, Curtorim there is a crucifix which on the backside has the following inscription: He Formada esta Cruz do lenho da jaqueira, que plantou 0 Glorioso S. Francisco Xavier Apostolo da India, junto da sua Capela no Coegio velho do S. Paulo de Goa. Ano 1805. This crucifix belonged to the Convent of S. Francisco de Assisi. Soon after its extinction in 1835, it was offered to the then Chapel of Maina.

This Chapel was later under the charge of the Cathedral Chapter which us to celebrate the feast of the Saint on December 2, preceded by novena.

When the Colegio de S. Paulo was abandoned, the Chapel was also neglected; but the people flock there in crowds, even today.