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TOURIST Hello, can I hire a Taxi?
In Konkani Hallo, mhaka taxi melot?
TAXI DRIVER Yes sir, where would you like to go?
In Konkani Hoi saib, tum khuim voçhunk sodtai?
TOURIST Calangute / Mapusa / Colva / Margao/ Airport. What are the charges?
In Konkani Calangute /Mapusa / Colva / Margao/
Airport.Vochunk kitlem baddem?
TAXI DRIVER Rupees two hundred one way or Rs. 6/- per kilometre if you wish to pay by meter reading.
In Konkani Donshim rupia vo 6 rupia kilometerak tum metera promanem farik kortai zalear.
TOURIST I think you are charging me extra.
In Konkani Mhaka dista tuvem chod sangleishe.
TAXI DRIVER No! I have quoted only the regular charges.
In Konkani Nam! Hanvem tuka jhe podtat tech sangleat.
TOURIST Ok, let's go. I will pay your fare.
In Konkani Borem, chol-ia. Hanv tujem badem farik kortam
TAXI DRIVER Good, place your luggage in the dicky.
In Konkani Borem, Tujem saman dickyin ghal!
TOURIST I wish to seat in front. Do you have a seat belt?
In Konkani Mhaka fuddlean bosunk zai Tuje kode seat belt assa?
TAXI DRIVER Yes, it is compulsory to wear a seat belt on the highways.
In Konkani Hoi, ubeam rosteancher seat belt vaprunk kaido assa.
TOURIST It is safer. Your roads are narrow and vehicles are driven at great speed.
In Konkani Tem odik surakshit assa. Tumche roste oshir ani gaddio ekdom rostein choloitat.
TAXI DRIVER There are accidents sometimes. But our drivers in Goa are really good.
In Konkani Kedna-kednaim absoeg zatat. Pun amche Goemche driver khorench borem choloitat.

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