Learn Konkani

Examples of how vowels should be pronounced:

a as in organ ã as in master
i as in pin i as in peak
u as in push ü as in hoot
e as in they é as in where
ai as in my au as in how
o as in go ô as in law
am as in some ahã as in Sahara

Examples of how consonants should be pronounced:

k as in kite kh as in khaki
g as in girl gh as in dig (hard)
ch as in Church /chain
çh is produced by pronouncing 'ch' as in staunch


as in her (although in most Konkani words 'h' is silent like the 'h' in the English word 'honour'. e.g. Konkani word 'hànga' (here) and 'mhãkã' (me).
t as in Taiwan t as in tub
th as in thumb
d as in dove dh as in godhood
n as in net p as in pet


is produced by uttering 'n' in the same way as 't' in tall and 'd' in doll, by curling the tip of the tongue.
bh as in abhor m as in mother
r as in run l as in learned
! is produced by touching the tip of the tongue to the pallate while saying l.
sh as in short sh as in shine
s as in sun    

Learners to note that all other Konkani letters in the Roman Script are to be pronounced as in English. In words ending with 'am', 'im', 'em', 'um', 'om', like in the Konkani words 'amkam', 'tumkam', 'hanvem' 'kitem' etc. the 'm', is pronounced as nasal 'n'.


At the Post Office
At the Hotel
At the Doctor's
At the Restaurant
At the Chemist
At the Tailor's
At the Tea-Stall
At the Garage
At the Railway Station
At the Market
At the Bank
At the Grocery Shop
Hiring a Taxi
Buying a Shirt
Trips & Sight-seeing
Expressions of Time & Weather
Asking Directions & Getting information
Everyday Conversations
Days of the Week, Months, Numbers & Time
Useful Words and Phrases