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INFO. ASST. Can I help you, sir?
In Konkani Mhojean tumchi kosli modhot korum eta?
TOURIST I want some information on sight-seeing.
In Konkani Mhaka thodi boundek vochpachi mahiti zai.
INFO. ASST. Where would you like to go, sir?
In Konkani Tumi khuim vochunk sodhtat?
TOURIST I would like to visit some Goan Beaches, Churches, Temples and some historical places.
In Konkani Mhaka thodeo Goencheo praieo, lgorzo, Devlam ani itihasik suateo polounk zai.
INFO. ASST. If you wish to travel by bus, you can do so by conducted tours by our tourism department. There is a North Goa trip & South Goa trip. They cover most of the places.
In Konkani Tumi tor busint vochunk sodhtat zaliar amchea khateacheo Boundekarank Goem dakhoipi businim vochunk zata. Ek uttar Goem boundi ani ek dakshin Goem boundi assa. Teo tumkam chodsheam zageancher vhorun hadtat.
TOURIST No, I would like to hire a taxi. Could you advise me where to go?
In Konkani Nam, mhaka badiache taxin vochunk khoxi. Mhaka khuinche zage bore te sangshi?
INFO. ASST. If you wish to see the ancient churches, sir, then you may go to Old Goa, only 10 kms. away from Panaji.
In Konkani Tumkam tur porneo igorzo pollounk zai, zaliar tumi pornea Goeam guelear borem. Ponjechean fokt 10 Kilometer assa.
TOURIST And the temples?
  Ani Devlam ?
INFO. ASST. There are beautiful temples at Panda, some 20 kms away from Panaji.
In Konkani Sundar devlam assat Ponda talukent Ponjochean sumar 20 Kms.
TOURIST And the beaches?
In Konkani Ani praieo?
INFO. ASST. Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, sir. There are many. But you must see Colva Beach, Calangute Beach and Anjuna.
In Konkani Goem praiank lagun presidya assa. Zaiteo assat pun tumi Colva, Calangute ani Anjuna praieo polounkuch zai.
TOURIST Which are the beaches away from the cities?
In Konkani Khuincheo praieo shaharan san pois assat?


They are Arambol Beach in the North and Palolem Beach in the South.
In Konkani Arambol prai, uttar Goeam, ani Pallolem prai, dakshin Goeam.
TOURIST Where can I hire a taxi for the trip? And how much would they charge?
In Konkani Mhaka taxi khuim mellteli ani kitlem bahdem guetelet?
INFO. ASST. You can get a taxi anywhere, sir. There are fixed charges according to meter-reading prescribed by the government.
In Konkani Taxi soglleak meltat, saib. Tanchem bahdem tharaillem asta kiteak serkaran metera-promonem poishe tharaileat.
TOURIST Thank you very much I think I better look for one.
In Konkani Dev borem korum. Hanv atanch ek taxi poletam.

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