Vibrant and colourful, Goa is mesmerizing in its appeal. Goa is an interesting
mosaic of cultures. During the ancient and pre medieval times, Hindu kings
ruled over and influenced the state. When the Portuguese occupied Goa, they
gave it a culture that sets the place apart from any other region. The
intermingling of various cultures over the centuries has ensured that
communal harmony prevails in Goa.
About Goa
The Portuguese invasion of Goa resulted in the spread of Christianity .About 26 per cent of the population today constitutes of Christians. On an average, more than two million people visit Goa every year, adding more colour to the already vibrant culture of the state. For tourists; Goa is synonymous with beautiful stretches of beaches, sand, sun, dance and drinks. The long stretches of more than two dozen beaches, option of numerous adventure sports and excellent tropical climate make Goa a perfect holiday destination. But there is more to Goa than just sand, surf and enticing beaches. The Goan feni, a bustling fle a market, Rocking night parties by the beachside and excellent Seafood, have all made Goa a huge hit with tourists, Goa is now a fashionable destination for the elite in India who come both on business and pleasure trips as well as tourists from around the world.
Saint Francis Xavier
46 years at a glance
The sixth and last child born to Dr. Joao de Xavier and Maria d’Aspilcueta at   the Xaviercastle (Navarra-Spain) on April 7. The boy is named Francis. He goes on to become a Great saint and healer of mankind.
7 Days Rosary
How to use rosary bead
The traditional rosary beads are a set of five groups often beads, called a decade, with a single, usually larger bead between each decade. Wherethe decades are joined, there is  another chain of five beads and a crucifix.
Night Life
Goa After Sunset
The party never stops in Goa. The place is a virtual cornucopia of music. The beach is like a canvas while restaurants, shacks, discotheques, bars and boat are like live etchings, set against a flaming sunset. In effect, this is the essence of Goa.
North 16 Goa DJ NIght Life

Goan Recipes

Coconut milk is an essential ingredient in Goan cooking. It can be prepared by grating the white flesh of a coconut and soaking it in a cup of warm water.

Goan cuisine consists of regional foods popular in GOA, located along India's west coast along the Arabian Sea. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and paste are main ingredients of Goan delicacies. The area is located in a tropical climate, and spices and flavors are intense. Use of Kokum is another distinct feature. Goan food cannot be considered complete without fish. The cuisine is mostly seafood based, the staple food is rice and fish. Kingfish is the most common delicacy, others include pomfret, shark, tuna and mackerel. Among the shellfish lobster, squid and mussels are abundant and popular.

North 16 Goa Poolside Grill
Old Goa
Old Goa Yesterday
When the Portuguese arrived in the island of Goa in 1510, it was a rich commercial city, where people from different parts of Asia converged. Goa was a natural port. All the Muslims embarked here for Jeddah on their way to Mecca. The city was adorned with many buildings such as the beautiful mosque, the majestic palace of Adil Shah, the Adil Shah's castle, etc...