Goan Cuisine


Goan cuisine consists of regional foods popular in GOA, located along India's west coast along the Arabian Sea. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and paste are main ingredients of Goan delicacies. The area is located in a tropical climate, and spices and flavors are intense. Use of Kokum is another distinct feature. Goan food cannot be considered complete without fish.

The cuisine is mostly seafood based, the staple food is rice and fish. Kingfish is the most common delicacy, others include pomfret, shark, tuna and mackerel. Among the shellfish lobster, squid and mussels are abundant and popular..

The cuisine of Goa is influenced by its Hindu origins, four hundred years of Portuguese Colonialism, and modern techniques. The state is frequented by tourists visiting its beaches and historic sites, so its food has an international aspect.

The Hindu food of Goa is unique, and the food of Goan Christian cuisine is influenced by the Portuguese.


1 cup water
6 big size crabs
8 red chillies whole
1 tblsp tamarind pulp
1/2 coconut scraped
1 tsp garam masala powder
8 cloves garlic
1 tblsp oil
1 big size onion sliced
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp cumin seeds
  1. Boil the crabs and clean them, only the body and claws are used (the crab claws can be lightly cracked and the body cut into half, to facilitate eating).
  2. Grind the scraped coconut with red chillies, cumin seeds, turmeric powder and garlic to a fine paste.
  3. Heat up oil on medium heat up and stir fry cut onion.
  4. Stir-fry for one minute.
  5. Mix in ground spices and stir-fry for a minute.
  6. Mix in tamarind pulp, salt to taste and crabs.
  7. Simmer (boil slowly at low temperature) on low heat, covered for 15 minutes.
  8. Mix in little more water if necessary and stir fry till done.
  9. Serve hot.


1 lemon size tamarind
2 tblsp ginger paste
1 tblsp malt vinegar
2 pomfret fish
1/2 cup coconut scraped
6 red chillies whole
2 tblsp oil
2 green chillies
2 tblsp coriander seeds
1 small tomato
2 tsp garlic paste
2 tsp cumin seeds
salt to taste
1 small onion
  1. Clean, wash and cut each fish into 5-6 pieces.
  2. Cut onions and tomatoes.
  3. Slit green chillies and cut into half.
  4. Roast cumin seeds, coriander seeds and whole red chillies.
  5. Make a fine paste of all the roasted spices along with scraped coconut, ginger and garlic paste and malt vinegar.
  6. Heat up oil in a pan.
  7. Mix in cut onions and stir fry till golden brown.
  8. Mix in green chillies and cut tomatoes.
  9. Stir fry on a medium heat up for 3 minutes.
  10. Stir constantly.
  11. Mix in the paste and 11/2 cup of water.
  12. Bring it to a boil and then mix in fish pieces and salt.
  13. Stir fry on a low heat up for about 5 minutes or till fish is just done.
  14. Serve hot with steamed rice.



1 cup coconut scraped
5 peppercorns
salt to taste
1 tblsp oil
5 onions sliced
5 cloves
1/2 inch cinnamon
6 big size mackerels (bangda) scaled
8 red chillies whole
1 tblsp coriander seeds
1 small size tamarind
6 cloves garlic
2 tsp turmeric powder
  1. Wash and cut each mackerel into 4 pieces.
  2. Apply salt, then wash again after 5 minutes.
  3. Put the mackerels in a pot along with 3 to 4 cup water, a pinch of salt and one tsp of turmeric powder.
  4. Stir fry for 10 minutes.
  5. Drain.
  6. When the mackerels cool, de-bone and cut into small pieces.
  7. Heat up oil and stir-fry garlic, peppercorns, cloves and cinnamon.
  8. Drain.
  9. Stir-fry coriander seeds and red chillies in the same oil and drain.
  10. In the remaining oil stir fry the onions till dark brown.
  11. Grind everything the fried ingredients (except the onions) with coconut and tamarind into a fine paste.
  12. Mix in the ground masala and water to the browned onions and bring to a boil.
  13. Mix in the mackerel pieces and salt and simmer (boil slowly at low temperature) for 2-3 minutes.
  14. Serve hot.