Arambol Beach

A large and sprung out village near the seashore, Arambol can be approached by a road which winds across the plateau and down through the cashew trees. The beach is an uninterrupted and stunning stretch of curving sand, still unspoilt in comparison to other beaches. The beach is quiet except on Sundays, when a large crowd of local picnickers gather here for holidaying.

The villagers are friendly and the place is less touristy allowing you to have a close experience of local life and culture. There is relaxed environment and peace and tranquility attracts many day-trippers from other beaches nearby. There are miles long uninterrupted beaches with well-made track running around. The second beach is even more secluded and little used. There are sulphur pits and freshwater lakes that you can use for swimming.

You can take one of the many buses that regularly ply between Arambol and Mapusa and Arambol and Chopdem. It takes around 40 minutes to reach Arambol from Chopdem for a distance of 12 km. On market days you can take boats to Anjuna. To move locally, hire taxis or bikes that are easily available.