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A Where is the Post office?
  Post-office khuim?
B Walk straight till you see the garden then turn left.
  Tuka ek bhag melosor ubo cholot rau, maguir davean chol.

Where is the Police station?

  Police Station khuim?
B The yellow building down the road.
  Denvte sokol haldule himaratint.
A Where can I make a phone call?
  Mhaka phone korunk khuim meltolo?
B There is a phone booth in the opposite shop.
  Tonda fudlea dukhanar telephone booth assa.
A How far is the bus station?
  Bus Station kitlem pois assa?
B Just 2 Kms away.
  Fokt donuch kilometer.
A How do you go there?
  Thuim hanv kosso vochum?
B Hire a bike if you dont have much luggage.
  Tuje kodde chod saman nam zalear, bahdeache motorcyclin voch.
A Is there any scooter mechanic close by?
  Hangasor laguim scooter mechanic assa?
B Yes, there is one in the next street.
  Hoi, fudlea rostear ek mechanic assa.
A Where is the State Bank?
  State Bank khuim assa?
B Two blocks away. It is the tallest building.
  Don block fude. Sogleam bhitor ti unch himarat assa.
A Where can I get some snacks?
  Mhaka khaunk 'snacks' khuim melot?
B Try Xavier Pastries on the main road.
  Xavier Pastries hanga poloi, vodlea rostear.
A Where is the Municipal Garden?
  Nagarpalikechi bhag khuim assa?
B 5 minutes away. You can't miss it.
  Panch minutanchi vatt assa. Tum chukpak nam.
A Is there a dentist close by?
  Hanga konn dentist laguim assa?
B Yes, Shanta building, second floor, behind the Baroda Bank.
  Hoi, Shanta Building, dusre malyer, Baroda Bankichia fatlean.
A I wish to buy some linen. Where are the cloth-shops in Margao?
  Mhaka illo kopdo gheunk zai. Kopdeanchim dukhanam Madganv khuim assat?
B Take the road to the railway station there are many shops.
  Railway Stationa vatenth rosto dhor. Thuim zaitim dukhanam assat.
A I wish to buy a gold ring. Are there any jewellery shops around?
  Mhaka ek bhangrachi mudhi gheunk zai. Hanga khuiim bhangrachea vostunchim dukhanam assat?
B Yes, there are many shops to the left of the Municipal Market.
  Hoi, Nagarpalikeche Bagechea davean voch, thuim khup dukhanam assat.
A Where can I get a newspaper?
  Mhaka khobrampotr khuim melot?
B Try Varsha News Stall near Mandovi Hotel.
  Mandovi Hotel samkar, Varsha Newstallant poloi.
A How can I go to Dona Paula from here?
  Hangachean Dona Paula koshem vochpachem?
B There is a Direct bus from here.
  Hangacheanunch bus sudta.
A Is there a Public toilet nearby?
  Hanga khuim public toilet assa?
B Of course, ask for Sulabh toilet. There is one at every bus station.
  Hoi, Sulabh toilet khuim assa gai vichar. Soglea bus stationacher ek tori assa.
A I wish to attend Sunday Mass in English. Which church can I go to?
  Mhaka Aitaradis English Miss aikunk khoshi assa. Khuimche lgorjen vochum?
B Try Don Bosco's Chapel in Panjim. There is an English Mass every Sunday morning and Saturday evening.
  Don Bosco Kapelan, Ponje voch. Thuim Aitarachem English Miss asta sokallim ani Sonvaradis sanjechem.
A. I want to load a camera. Where can I get a film? I also wish to develop a film.
  Mhaka mhojea kamaran film ghalunk zai ani ek film develop korunk zai.
B You may go to Remy Studio, Mapusa.
  Tujean Remy Studion Mapusa vochunk zata.
A Which are the famous forts in Goa?
  Goemche prasidya kill'le khuimche.
B The two oldest forts worth seeing are Reis Magos Fort and Aguada Fort.
  Donui ekdom bore kill'le polloupache muntat te Reis Magos ani Aguada Killo.
A Which is the famous Hindu Temple in Goa?
  Goemchem prasidya Hindu deul khuimchem?
B Shantadurga Temple in Ponda.
  Shantadurgechem, Fondeam.
A How do I go to Dudhsagar Falls?
  Hanv Dudhsagar gosghoshar kosso vochum?
B You can go by train from Margao or hire a taxi.
  Tujean Madgaunchean rail gaddien vochunk zata vo taxin.

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