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What can I do for you, sir?
In Konkani Mhojean tuji kosli seva korum etha?
CUSTOMER I want a woolen suit made.
In Konkani Mhaka ek woollen fath shivonk zai.
TAILOR Would you like to buy the cloth from us?
In Konkani Kopdo (lugot,) amche kodlean gheunk sodhtai?
CUSTOMER No, I've brought the suit-length with me.
In Konkani Nam. Hanvem fathak zai tem lugot hadlam.
TAILOR All right. Can I take your measurements?
In Konkani Borem assa. Tujem zok kaddumhia?
CUSTOMER I want my suit well-cut. How long will it take you to get it ready?
In Konkani Mhaka mhojea fathak boro cut zai. Tuka
toear korunk kitle dis lagtele?
TAILOR About two weeks, sir.
In Konkani Sumar don sumanam, saib.
CUSTOMER Can you give it to me in one week? Next week I am leaving for London.
In Konkani Eka sumanan diunkzaunchenam? Fudlea
sumanant hanv Londonank vetam.
TAILOR All right, sir, but you will have to pay extra charges.
In Konkani Borem assa, saib. Toshem zalear tuka thodde poishe chod diunche podtele.
CUSTOMER I don't mind. How much will I have to pay?
In Konkani Harkatnam. Kitle poishe dinvche podtele?
TAILOR We charge Rupees Two Thousand for a suit generally. As you require it urgently you will have to pay a thousand extra.
In Konkani Horshim ami don ozar rupia shivpak guetanv. Tuka urgent zai mhuntoch anink ek ozar rupia dinvçho podtolo.
CUSTOMER That's all right. When can I come in for a fitting? Borem assa. Hanv fitting korunk kedna eum?
TAILOR On Wednesday, sir.
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